Check your Maps!

Sneaky code could be hidden in your code!?

I just ran into something that had my noggin scratching.  I was originally using google’s default map editor with the <iframe> embed tag methods which was fine but caused issues so I ended up pursuing another embed method.  Thus my search began and I found this simple enough gmap generator. Only problem is after inspecting the code I saw a sneaky url that was inserted. Now normally I wouldn’t mind if it might have been a back link to the author or site owner but it’s a freaking Casino link! Nuff said! Use this site at your discretion. I don’t know if this is the doing of the author or website owner or some type a malicious user hijacking this generator but it’s just plain sneaky!

Generates the following code.

When trying to edit and remove the code, the map reported an error “Google Maps Error: Do not change the code. Click here to show the correct code!” then asks you to follow the link to restore the map to restore your map (”with your generated map id”) back to the it’s unedited version. Why give something like this away for free only to set up users for spam.