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What We’re About

Welcome to Imageburst

We know how to shape your business or your idea on the web

We’re creative and we care.
We commit ourselves to our clients, making sure they are happy and have success with both the products and services we provide.
We love designing comprehensive secure sites that meet modern technological demands, so that anyone can find your site on any device at any time. We love writing web copy, making logos and even shooting simple, magnificent pictures of food for brochures and ad slicks.

This company is designed, very simply, with a customer needs comes first mentality. We don’t have quotas or any agenda like pushing certain services to meet sales budgets. 

We understand and know the pain of dealing with poor designed projects and often put our selves in the clients’ shoes and see things from their perspective to achieve their wants and needs.

We’re On A Mission

Why Choose Imageburst

We never compromise on quality, which is why our work speaks for itself. We’ll take any challenge head-on and use every inch of knowledge at your disposal because you deserve nothing less than excellence from us!


Personalized Approach

We treat all of our client's project like our it's our own



Small agency focused on all things web, print and marketing



We fit the craft to your brand and designs to your business



Goal-focused approach and process with a hand-holding experience

About the Founder

Hi, I'm Anthony Tilahun, CEO and owner of Imageburst LLC, a Multi-facet Design Agency.


As a loving husband to my wonderful wife and proud father of 3, I love nothing more than making memories with my family. In the moments when they give me some time to myself, I use it wisely by learning something new or engaging in one of my hobbies – from drawing to digital art or capturing life’s beauty through photography! Creating brings me joy; whether that be crafting something out of thin air on screen all day long, catching up on new things related to any kind of artistic expression imaginable or exploring far away places while snapping photos along the way.