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Leave A Review

Leaving a Review is quite simple,

Just fill out the form on this page, then once the written portion is complete, you’ll be given a link to where you can upload your recorded version.

Ensure the Following for optimal video recording:

  1. Ample lighting.
  2. Reduced or minimal background noise.
  3. Camera is steady or on a tripod/ stable surface area.
  4. You’re on wifi mode to ensure the success of (possibly) large video.
  5. Keep your videos brief and concise and up to 2 mins max.

When Leaving a video review if you can’t think of anything here’s some questions that you can answer as you go along through your video:

What was the issue(s) you were having/facing?

What was it like working with me? 

What Service did you end up using (what did I do for you?)

What did you learn during our process of working together?

How do you feel during the entire experience (start to finish)?

What were the follow ups/communication like? 

Speak from the heart and your personal experience working with me. 

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