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Video Production

Turn your moments into stories

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Video Production Services & Solutions

In general, internet video usage across the globe is very high. Improvements in mobile technology have made online video available practically all over the world. Video is one of the most popular informational resources and video platforms have sprouted vibrant communities. Thanks to our experience, we are not limited to just one creative style. We help you choose the formula that best suits your needs: 


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Video Editing

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Motion Graphics


Web Video

Reach a bigger audience and capture everlasting memories.

Discover how to entrust your video editing needs with a company that takes care of the whole process. Your videos are our passion. We know that you want to create more of them, reach an even larger audience for your business or organization’s message. That’s where we come in – with professional video services like editing and post-production at affordable rates (all shot locally). Whether you are looking for more content or an everlasting memory, we can help!


Video is the big trend of the moment when we talk about marketing or creating authority on a subject. Nowadays any smartphone records videos in great quality, or even a simple camera can do a good job. But you need to know that it’s not just about recording a simple video and dropping it on the internet.

All videos go through a process to achieve a desired goal. It is necessary to complete some steps before going out recording takes, such as: planning, briefing, Story Board, scripts, lighting, audio capture, organization of scenes, among others. We offer a wide array of shooting styles to meet your needs from run and gun shoots to b-roll recording or smooth stabilized gimble shots.

Video Editing

If you have footage or clips that you need editing to your taste, adding text, overlays, effects, animations, sound effects, logo, intro, etc. then Imageburst is right here for you. We have a dedicated team of video editors, wherein each team specializes in a particular segment. Get personalized videos edited as per your brand vision and style.

Motion Graphics

The secret to creating an impactful video is in the use of motion graphics. With a little creativity and technical know how, it can simplify your brand concept while still telling what you want people through them to understand about themselves or their business. Our motion graphics animation agency will create innovative explainer and promo videos for your next video project. We use powerful storytelling skills to take any video project from idea, all the way through production with customizations that reflect what you need at every step along the way using animation, effects, graphs, charts, typography, and icons.

Marketing/Web Video

In this day and age, many people enjoy consuming online video content. For businesses to stand out from the competition they need a creative approach that will connect with consumers on an emotional level because it’s no longer just about what you’re selling but how well your advertisement stands-out in comparison too other companies’ marketing campaigns or advertising efforts for products like yours!

In order gain traction when using videos as part of your advertising strategy we make sure we cover the basics of video editing tasks like re-arranging and merging footages, standardizing formats, color grading and correction to advanced effects such as transitions, animations, zooming, creative tilting, and more. 

Our editing pros do it all in a way that gets your brand videos the views, likes, and shares they deserve.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are a great way to show off properties and qualify leads. With the help of 3D tours, agents can get 403% more from real estate listings while Airbnb hosts will benefit through direct walkthroughs that let them know what they’re getting themselves into before booking! Real Estate businesses also have an opportunity for showcasing their property professionally with dynamic visual content – all this is possible because there’s no need for travel or setup time which makes it so much easier on everyone involved in the process.

Need to help making your video content stand out?

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