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Visual Sitemap

Visually See A Site’s Structure

Why Do You Need A Visual Sitemap?​

A visual sitemap is a powerful tool to ensure your website’s navigation is well-structured and easy for visitors to use. With a properly designed sitemap, you can quickly identify which pages are linked together and how users will find the content they’re looking for. Having a visually appealing sitemap makes it easier for your audience to navigate your website, and helps you create a positive user experience overall. With our professional visual sitemap service, We can help you create an organized and visually appealing map of your website that clearly outlines the navigation options at every level.

About This Service

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to understand the structure of your website? Do you want to identify areas of improvement and optimize your site for better search engine results? If so, look no further!

This service offers high-resolution full page screenshot* service of any website as well as a visual sitemap that shows the hierarchy of pages and links. With this service you can quickly understand the structure of your website, identify areas for improvement and optimize your site for better search engine results.

Don’t waste any more time struggling to manually audit your website – get started today with Visual Sitemap. Let us help you save time, improve your SEO and optimize your website for better search engine results.


Our visual sitemaps are designed to be easy to understand and quickly digestible for any audience. We also include a thumbnail of each page included in your sitemap to make it even easier for users to understand their navigation options.

All of our visual sitemaps is available in editable PDFs (based on your package service), so you can easily make changes and updates as needed. With our professional visual sitemap service, you can be sure that all of your website’s content is easy to find and organized in an intuitive way.

What are the benefits of having a Visual Sitemap?

When designing a website, it is important to look at how other websites in your industry are organized. Studying competitors’ websites will provide insight into what works well and what doesn’t work so well when it comes to user experience. By examining competitors’ sites, you can get ideas on how to lay out your own site and make improvements where needed.

Who is this for?
  • UI Designers

    Quickly and easily find bugs, errors and other design issues

  • Web Designer/Developers

    Great way of comparing a previous site to the newly redesign, staging vs production

  • Blogging & Content Writers

    Understand the structure of a website to develop content that is relevant

  • Marketers & SEO Specialists

    Use a Visual Sitemap to optimize websites for better search engine results

  • Business Owners

    See how your competition has their site structured

Why use our service?
See the connections

We create content that’s based on existing data, so this can show and identify any potential problems with pages not loading properly, missing or contains errors/issues.

We can go deep

We can crawl through any depth of site. So, if you have 30 subcategories for 30 pages each, that's not a problem.

Visually Appealing

We provide thumbnail for each page (based on package)

Ultra portable format

You’ll receive an exported pdf that can be edited the look in adobe illustrator or sketch.

Multiple File format

You can receive a csv and import into a google sheet.

Crawl any website*

We can scan and crawl just about any kind of site, not just WordPress sites.

Quantity and Quality

Best overall value for page quantity and features provided.

Important notes
  • Not all pages can be crawled due to factors like unsecured site, security settings, or a paywall (In the event of an issue that may arise due to the security, if you are the site owner, please contact us first before placing an order so we can discuss the site you want a visual sitemap of.
  • Please keep in mind that the visual sitemaps I’ll be making are from actual existing pages. If you want a revised sitemap after it’s delivered that can be arranged. Please contact me for details and pricing.
  • Some webpages can have issues, such as 301 or 302 redirects, as this will be indicated and counted as a page.
  • We will only take a screenshot of only valid html pages and ignore the rest (links to other file formats, pdf, jpg, etc…)
  • We will not crawl adult or risky websites or inappropriate content
  • If you run a Woocommerce store, your site might generate dynamic duplicate links, if that’s the case, please inform us ahead of time so that we don’t scan duplicate links.

Adjust to your needs

You can easily import the pdf into adobe sketch and adjust the default colors to your liking to match any theme or branding colors you may have. We also do offer a complete custom look should you need it, feel free to contact us.

What's the Process
Select A Package
Choose a package that fits your needs.
Provide Your Details
Fill out the details we need to start your order.
Make Your Payment
Complete your payment so we can process your order.

What will you get? ( All Packages Include )

Compare Packages

Terminology and breakdown: **

White Label: You can add your own logo/brand name. This will let you pass it to your clients.

Minimal branding: Our logo and/or company name will be subtly placed in the corner of the pdf.

Custom Design: We can design the entire visual sitemap to fit your branding exactly if you don’t want to.

Full Screenshots: We only provide full page screenshots (1440px wide, height varies) of the pages we make a sitemap of and nothing else. Please note that sometimes a screenshots may contain visual issues due to the way the page is setup. All screenshots are in provided in .jpg format only.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, Reach out to us or click on the special requirement button (under the package pricing column) and we can provide you a custom quote. 

Yes, if you can provide us with a sitemap data (xml link or csv file). Keep in mind that the csv file has to have the first column are nothing but the urls you want to include.

Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem, as long as there’s no redirection going on.

Yes, by providing us specific url or keywords if it’s too many pages to specify.  We can also exclude directories (like “/gadgets”) pages and use special parameters to avoid weird urls per your request (like pagination, ecommerce (add-to-cart=) or utm links).

We can give you a an estimate of the public links or you can use google search console or if you’re using wordpress, use a plugin like Rankmath or Yoast and output an xml file.

We start from the home page and scan every link from it’s parent url with the home page being the base.

We start from the home page and scan every link from it’s parent url with the home page being the base.

Yes, keep in mind other links will be ignored and only what’s provided in the xml link will be added.

Depends, if the site is yours and you can provide the credentials to the login, then yes!

Yes, somewhat. If you can provide us with the css selector or identify what those elements are to use, we can omit them from the screenshots.


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