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Ms Mickeys

Ms. Mickey had the distinguished opportunity to work with our team, who approached her key challenges in a comprehensive way: providing an attractive branding and website that featured unique elements setting Ms. Mickey apart from competitors while ensuring they were presentable-ready for media publics such as HSN & QVC – all of which was successfully showcased nationally on television!

Tools used | Services Rendered:

Digital Ads | Digital Mockups | Flyers | UI/UX Design | Web Design | Web Development
An entrepreneur that specializes in making Caribbean-style food with various custom spice blends


The Client
Kathleen Mickey was wonderful to work with and was so animated and passionate about everything she does.
The Challenge
To create a complete redesign of her site with new functionality built in on top of the existing one.
The Solution
To ensure the success of her online business, our team implemented a comprehensive solution. This included revamping and migrating to a self-hosted version of WordPress as well as reconstructing an e-commerce store with existing data. A unique recipe guide center was also created for users to explore specific nutritional elements within each individual dish through custom tables and smart filters on the index page itself. Moreover, customers are able to access further per recipe details by paying fees or book private one-on-one sessions directly from inbuilt synced calendars – making this service both robust yet accessible.



With the help of strategic branding development, our team is experienced in creating powerful and memorable experiences that will appeal to your customers. We offer a suite of tailored solutions for all types of businesses – from large corporations to local shops. Allow us to inject passion into your brand with refined marketing strategies!



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Visual Design

Before and After Work

Ms.Mickey was in desperate need of a website overhaul. The refreshed design features vibrant imagery and improved color contrast for optimal user experience. An optimized layout helps ensure ease-of-navigation to enhance customer satisfaction.

Web Pages

WEB Design

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