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The Jolie Agency

From print ads to fashion shows, the Jolie Agency has been leading the way in providing high-quality professional models for promotional events and effective representation of brands. For over 10 years they have served clients across Washington DC metropolitan area with unrivalled standards of scouting prowess and modeling excellence.

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Digital Ads | Digital Mockups | Flyers | Web Design | Web Development
The Jolie Agency provides high-quality professional models for promotional events, print ads and commercials. The agency is one of the industry’s leading scouting/modeling companies in Washington DC metropolitan area


The Client
Waikeena R. brought an entrepreneurial spirit, along with creative and innovative ideas to the forefront of promoting her company – a perfect match for luxury events! Her passion was evident as she worked towards showcasing her models in their best light.
The Challenge
The company wanted to present a unique way of showcasing their high-quality models and demonstrating their professional values. To achieve this, they were presented with an exciting challenge that required top level creativity and skill.
The Solution
With the goal of reflecting luxury and high quality, Waikeena at Jolie Agency created a website to showcase her models’ talents. A stunning 3D flipbook lookbook was added for an interactive experience that offered sponsored features, as well as highlighting their latest photoshoots by Waikeena’s skilled staff.



With the help of strategic branding development, our team is experienced in creating powerful and memorable experiences that will appeal to your customers. We offer a suite of tailored solutions for all types of businesses – from large corporations to local shops. Allow us to inject passion into your brand with refined marketing strategies!



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Visual Design

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Web Pages

WEB Design

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