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Yes! Our mobile app solution is designed to support the native functionality of WordPress. Once your app is connected to your site, your pages, posts, categories, and menus will appear within the app automatically. Any changes made to your CMS or blog website will reflect instantly in your app.
Support all native functionality within WooCommerce. This includes the ability to sync your products, categories, attributes, payment gateways, shipping methods and more, with your app seamlessly.

This depends on the amount of content/pages you have and the way your site is designed. We’ll give a time estimate after evaulating your site.

There are a reasonable number of plugins that will not work. It depends on how the plugin is coded. Plugins integrated with the official WordPress REST APIs are likely to work well with our app. However, if the plugin does not support the WordPress REST APIs, your plugin will struggle. Your best bet is to reach out to the author of the plugin in question for assistance. Alternatively, you could simply turn on our web view feature within the app settings, that will render your mobile site within the app.It is important to note that some plugins have the potential to tamper with the core functionality of your WordPress website and as a result will disrupt the connectivity between your website and your app.
No, there are no additional charges and you get all the benefits that are a part of your subscription plan. However, for added services and features.You can opt for the add-ons at any time from within your account.
Distribution licenses authorize you to download your app from within your account for uploading them to the app stores.
Once an app is submitted to the relevant app store, it is subject to a review from their end. Both stores generally take 24-48 hours but could take longer depending on various factors. You can find more details on their official websites.

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We are committed to delivering exceptional service and quality that will keep your brand looking fresh. We work with you every step of the way-from logo development all the way through final printing needs.

  • Our professionals will get started as soon as you purchase this add-on. Make sure your website is live and your app has been configured before you purchase this add-on. Your artwork will be delivered within 7 business days and you may request one revision in case you’d like some changes.

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