Web Design & Development

Your website will be the first impression you make on a large part of your audience. Any marketing campaign, no matter its size, should drive an audience to a collection point of information. In today’s culture, that point is your website. Make sure you welcome consumers with a visually compelling story. Allow Imageburst to custom design your website to reflect the heart and soul of your company.


  • Site Map
  • Messaging
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • Custom Design
  • Content Management System Set Up
  • Email Set Up
If you update something on your site and it breaks, what do you do? Who do you call? You hired your old web or IT guy to help you build your site but you’ll need someone from time to time to help you keep your site functioning and up to date. That’s where I come in. I’ll handle all the messy stuff so you can just handle your business. Consider me the guy inside your coffee vending machine. I’m in there to make sure you can get your coffee to do your work. No worries and no mess. Plain and simple.

  •   Wireframes / Informational Architecture
      Custom Design
      Design Consultancy

  •   Wordpress Implementation
      Joomla Implementation

  •   Database back up
      Restoring Database
      Full Site back up (files and database)
      Email Setup
    • Broken Link & Images
    • Validation of Html & css elements
    • Standard Accessiblity Compliance
    • Basic Seo optimization
    • Page Loads
    • Broken links, images to bad invalid erroneous or conflicting code
    • Validation of Html & css elements
    • Standard Accessibility Compliance
    • Basic Seo optimization
    • Page Loads
    • Preventative Security inspection - Removing any old scripting languages and plugins that may offer a security breach or known exploit
    • Evaluation of Old Plugins vs updates for any outdated code and open security holes (If CMS is implemented)
    • Seo Inspection, Making sure keywords and meta data is adhering to Google's keyword standards
    • Site wide level - Making sure exposed directories does not allow viewers to access additional data *viewing parent directory* with out visiting listed urls. (.htaccess rules are implemented to stop this)
    • Security Assessment: Password strength, url login pages, securing url login pages, verifing all and existing users and their roles, pages scanned and reevaluated by several online scanning vendors.

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