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An innovative alliance between the Caribbean community striving to provide basic necessities needed for self-fulfillment. Aiming to promote youth education, disaster relief efforts as well cultural endeavors such as artistic dance & Fetes Carnival; they are devoted in ensuring all members of society have access to health, wellness and family support.

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Web Design | Web Development
Feters United logo
A 501(c)(3) non-profit alliance dedicated to serving the community, raising awareness on important causes and celebrating Caribbean culture.


The Client
Sean had the ambition to build a strong sense of community and support for the Caribbean culture. With this vision, Feters United came into fruition as an effort to fulfill that goal.
The Challenge
Need to establish an online presence that reflected the values of the organization and mirrored similar values of the Caribbean culture and their parent site FeteFinders.
The Solution
We created an online donation platform while maintaining the branding culture with a vibrant color scheme and helped streamline the multiple ways to give while staying within compliance of 501(c)(3) regulations.

Web Pages

WEB Design

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